Model SA36H

Slotted Flex Mount (SF)

Slotted Flex Mount (SF)

1.811" (46 mm) bolt circle mounting

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  • Standard size 36mm package (1.42")
  • Durable magnetic technology
  • Up to 14 bits of single turn resolution
  • SSI and CANopen communications
  • Proven turns counting technology — no gears or batteries
  • Flex mount eliminates couplings and is ideal for motors or shafts
Product Description

The Model SA36H Single Turn Absolute Encoder is ideal for a wide variety of industrial applications that require an encoder with the capability of absolute positioning output, even in power-off scenarios.  Its fully digital output, rugged magnetic technology and high IP rating make the Model SA36H an excellent choice for all applications, especially ones with a high presence of noise.  Available with a .025" or 6 mm hollow bore and a wide selection of flexible mounting options, the Model SA36H is easily designed into a variety of applications.