The ALL-NEW Thru-Bore Absolute Encoder, Model MA58H

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NEW Hollow Bore Absolute Encoder

Introducing the NEW Model MA58H absolute encoder! The MA58H is designed for harsh factory and plant floor environments. Heavy duty, rugged and reliable, this hollow-bore absolute encoder is available in both single and multi-turn resolution. As an absolute encoder, it is especially suited to applications where an encoder needs to retain position information after power-off scenarios.

Absolute Hollow Bore Encoder“In any type of machinery that has a time consuming positioning routine, such as a satellite dish, an absolute encoder is ideal,” explains Sarah Walter, electrical engineer and EPC Sales Engineer.

“With an absolute encoder, the controller has precise motion feedback about the position of the equipment without needing to re-home during every start-up. Requiring the equipment to always re-home consumes valuable uptime. The controller ‘knows’ exactly where the machine is at all times with absolute positioning, even after a power cycle.” 

“This is a very flexible absolute encoder, with a wide variety of configuration options,” explains John Meschko, EPC’s Head of Engineering and Design and Development. “With its hollow-bore design and rugged housing, this absolute can easily be designed into a variety of applications. As an absolute encoder, it remembers the absolute position even after a power outage.”
The Model MA58H Absolute Encoder offers: 

•    Multi-turn resolution up to 39 bit 
•    Up to 14 bits of single-turn resolution
•    SSI and CANopen communications 
•    58 mm diameter
•    Bores up to 3/8" or 14 mm
•    Two flexible mounting options
•    Durable magnetic technology
•    Proven turns counting technology with no gears or batteries
•    Operating temperature range of -40° C to 85° C
•    Sealing rating of IP65 on the shaft, with the balance of the unit rated to IP67
•    Continuous digital position monitoring
•    Retains absolute position after a power outage

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