Jan 16, 2015

What to Look for When Selecting a Size 25 Rotary Shaft Encoder

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Size 25 (2.5" diameter) shaft encoders have been widely applied over the past few decades.  In fact, just about every encoder manufacturer offers one. However, not all designs are destined to hold up well under the rigors of  ....

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Jul 08, 2014

EPC's New Industrial Encoder and Accessories Catalog

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Do you savor the scent of fresh ink-on-paper? Do you enjoy thumbing through pages in addition to clicking through them? If so, check out the new Encoder Products Company Industrial Encoders and Accessories Catalog. Wh ....

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May 22, 2014

White Paper: When To Use Modular or Bearing Encoders?

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Modular rotary encoders tend to cost less than encoders with internal bearings and a housing.  But, that reduced cost comes with trade-offs that you should understand before applying one type or the other. Modular rotary encoders ar ....

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Aug 27, 2013

Prolonging Encoder Life: A New eBook from Encoder Products Company

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Encoder Products Company (EPC) rotary encoders are warrantied for an industry-best three years, and in most cases will last longer than that. But, sometimes an otherwise healthy encoder meets an untimely end.  Prolonging Encoder Life, a new eBook fr ....

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Aug 10, 2012

3 Steps to Specifying the Correct Encoder Output Type

Category: Incremental Encoder, Tech Tips, White Papers & Other Resources

When it comes to incremental rotary encoders, the number-one configuration error we encounter is the specification of an incorrect output type.  Unfortunately, this can be a costly mistake, leading to a non-functioning encoder or damage to ....

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May 25, 2012

Replacements for Discontinued Renco Encoders

Category: Company News, Incremental Encoder, Rotary Encoder, Tech Tips, White Papers & Other Resources

Our customers regularly contact Encoder Products Company (EPC) for cross reference replacements for competitor's encoders.  Often this need arises due to product performance, delivery or availability issues.  At EPC, we welco ....

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Apr 24, 2012

Stainless Steel Encoders Take Harsh Duty In Stride

Category: Tech Tips, The EPC Edge, White Papers & Other Resources

When the going gets tough, the tough get... Stainless.   For harsh duty rotary encoder applications, nothing beats the durability of a stainless steel.  What do we mean by harsh duty? Manufacturing environments with ....

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Jan 26, 2012

Key Considerations For Selecting Digital Incremental Encoder Outputs

Category: Tech Tips, White Papers & Other Resources

"You're just not my type."   That phrase usually spells doom for any relationship.  Likewise, if your motion controller is sending that message to your encoder, your closed loop system may not have a future either.& ....

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