Have it Your Way... Custom Rotary Encoder Features for OEMs

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"Have it your way."  Decades ago, Burger King differentiated itself with that slogan by offering to "Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce..."  It's hard to imagine, but in the mid-1970's, ordering a burger without onions was difficult.  Within a few years, though, most chains had adopted the practice.

Now, we're not exactly flipping burgers here at EPC (rotary encoders are much harder to assemble and don't taste nearly as good); however, we do make provision for customization of certain encoder features.

Encoder Products Company Encoder Assembly Line Incremental Encoders and Absolute Encoders

For many machinery and equipment OEMs, it's important that a rotary encoder meet certain narrowly defined criteria due to the application. Occasionally, some of these requirements are outside EPC's catalog options and we incorporate non-standard features into the encoder.  Many of our OEM customers depend on us for this vital support. (See our Application Archives for examples of how this capability has benefited some of our customers.)

Non-Standard Features
While EPC offers numerous of standard configuration options, (for example, see our Model 25T data sheet ) occasionally some customers need features not found in our catalog.  A team of experienced application engineers work closely with the customer during the process, from design input to production.  Below are some of the incremental encoder features we have been able to modify for customer requirements:

Electrical Features
Encoder Products Company Customer Encoder PCB for Incremental Rotary Encoder

• Connectors-body mount, in-line, plastic, metal, environmentally sealed
• Pinouts-configured to your specifications, even on standard connectors
• Cables- specified color, temperature, flexibility, material, shielding or length. Also molded M-12 cordsets
• Disc resolutions-customized to your specifications. Some limitations apply.
• Input and output voltage
• Current draw
Due to our commitment to quality, we have some design and vendor constraints; however, we are open to reviewing any request.

Mechanical Features

Encoder Products Company Custom Encoder Housing For Incremental Rotary Encoder
Yes, we realize that machines are seldom designed around the encoder! Because we utilize in-house engineering, tooling and manufacturing of our metal components, we can accommodate ample design flexibility. We have provided customized:
• Mounting flanges
• Tether arms
• Flex mounts
• Bolt patterns
• Pilot hubs
• Shafts-custom length and diameter
• Bore sleeves
• Bearings-custom bearing specs including loading, lubricant, and sealing.
• Measuring wheels-custom diameter, width, anodized, rubber/urethane insert
• Housing shapes
• Material specs.
• anodized housing
In some cases, our customers provide their CAD files and we design to fit. Likewise, our 3D files are a valuable design tool for you.

Environmental Features

Stainless Steel Encoder Housings
The real world, where your equipment gets used, is hot, cold, wet, dry and on occasion quite messy and corrosive. By and large, our products are designed to isolate the encoder electronics from the outside world. However, if your equipment needs to push the performance envelope, we're ready to help. Enhanced environmental feature we've offered include:
• Environmental sealing-shaft seals, bearing seals, housing seal, connector seal
• Extreme operating environment-vacuum duty, washdown
Extreme temperature rating-as low as -40C, up to 120C or more
• Material specifications-stainless steel, specialty coating, conformal coating

If you have an OEM application that requires features slightly different than those found in standard EPC products, please contact us with your requirements. 

We'll review our process for custom manufacturing and OEM Support Services in a future blog post.

Sorry, no extra cheese on your encoder, but could we interest you in a side order of  connectors?


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