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In May, EPC had the opportunity to send our Business Development Managers to Mexico on a Trade Mission sponsored by PMMI, through the US Department of Commerce. The objective of the Trade Mission was to give members an opportunity to learn more about Mexico's manufacturing sector, and to develop contacts with new end-users and potential distributors to expand our presence there.

expopack mexico encoder encoders motion control "We traveled with representatives from other North American companies and toured several manufacturing plants, such as Las Costeña, Sabormex and McCormick/Herdez," explains EPC’s Jameson Longanecker, Business Development Manager and Sales Team Leader. "We also had the honor of working with our South American customers, as well as prospects who expressed their desire to do business with Encoder Products Company."

"The plants we toured were huge, modern, and highly automated," adds Steve Dilts, Business Development Manager, Key Accounts. "We saw numerous EPC encoders on machines, and we're looking forward to seeing more." 

Jameson and Steve also attended PMMI's ExpoPack Mexico 2016, where hundreds of companies exhibited, all part of the business of packaging and processing technologies. They talked with exhibitors from around the world, and were able to connect with  Heberto Silva and Raul Moreno, Sales Engineers with Transmisiones Y Rodamientos Industriales, just one distributor of EPC Products  in Mexico.

"The Mexican economy, including the packaging industry, is poised for sustained growth over the next several years. There are major investments planned for new factories in food, beverage, personal care, automotive and electronics industries," explains Steve. "ExpoPack Mexico was a very well-attended show, with hundreds of exhibitors from around the world.”

expopack mexico encoder encoders motion control

It was great to get our boots on the ground and see first-hand how well EPC's products are working for our Mexican customers. We're already looking forward to visiting Mexico again. Thanks, PMMI, for a great trip!


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