Get a Jump Start on 2016

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It’s that time of year – when facilities gear back up after shutting down over the holidays. Hopefully, your equipment got the maintenance it needed. All the work that a hectic production schedule prevented. And hopefully, it all started up and began operating again without a hitch.                                          

Maintenance personnel will tell you, those idle times can sometimes show you exactly what needs to be upgraded or replaced on machinery and production equipment. EPC's Model 25T with  a Flex Arm mountOften, that means replacing or upgrading encoders. 

So now that things are gearing up again, and you’re ready to tackle 2016, is your equipment ready, too? If not, we're here to help.

When you call Encoder Products Company, you’ll talk to experienced experts who will help you find the right encoder for your application. And with our short-lead times – even overnight, expedite service – we can help you get back to work fast.

Talk to one of our Tech Support experts to help you cross-reference and find the right replacement encoder.

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Need an encoder for an induction vector duty NEMA framed motor? We've got you covered.

EPC is known for our excellent customer service and lightning-fast turn-around time. Put us to work for you. Contact us today to find a distributor in your area.  

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