C-Face Encoder Solutions for Motor Feedback

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A key advantage of NEMA C-Face encoders is that they provide a stable, secure and sealed mechanical interface between the encoder and motor.  In addition, Encoder Products Company NEMA C-Face encoders incorporate several features that enable extended product life and performance.

Encoder Products Company Model 865T Stainless Steel C-Face Encoder

Unlike thru-bore encoders with flexible tether mounts, a C-Face encoder is secured directly to a motor housing via four substantial bolts.  While this is an extremely sturdy and secure means of attaching an encoder, it introduces a potential point of concern.  If the motor shaft displays any excessive radial or axial movement, the encoder's bearings have to absorb excessive loading and may wear prematurely.  Radial or axial shaft movement can also generate sensor-disk misalignment, resulting in missed counts, erratic signals or even disc crash in extreme circumstances. 

To sidestep this risk, EPC's C-Face models incorporate an innovative internal flex mount that accommodates shaft runout or endplay while maintaining critical alignment of the LED, sensor and code disk.

Encoder Products Company C-face encoders feature an internal flex mount

In this design, the code disc, shaft collar, and bearing are affixed to a sturdy, yet flexible, disc-shaped membrane. The outer circumference of the membrane is attached to the external housing, which hosts the sensor and electronics. Axial and radial motor shaft movement is absorbed by the membrane and is not transferred to the encoder bearings, resulting in reliable feedback over the long haul. For example, as a motor's bearings begin to wear, it's possible for shaft runout and endplay to be within motor specifications, yet beyond specifications for some encoders.  The EPC internal flex mount solution is an effective buffer against this potential cause of failure.

EPC C-Face incremental encoders also incorporate Advanced Opto-ASIC circuitry, which enables a clean signal with excellent noise immunity and temperature ratings up to 100º C.  This feature, along with the internal flex mount and its ability to maintain sensor-disc alignment, enable EPC's C-Face encoders to provide resolution up to 4096 CPR.

For operation in areas where dust or moisture are present, an optional gasket kit can provide an IP65 environmental seal.  In addition, the stainless steel Model 865T is suitable for operating in the presence of corrosive chemicals, solvents, or water.

Below are Encoder Products Company's C-Face encoders:

Model 770

Encoder Products Company Model 770 C-face encoder

Features: C-Face mounts on both sides for placement between two devices, such as motor and brake. Ideal for NEMA 56C - 184C frame sizes.  Slim 1.0" thick housing.  Bores from 0.625" through 24 mm. Resolution up to 4096 CPR.

Model 865T (Stainless Steel)

Encoder Products Company Model 865 Stainless Steel C-face encoder

Stainless steel version of the 770. Ideal for applications in harsh operating environments.

Model 771

Encoder Products Company Model 770 C-face encoder

Features: C-Face mounts on both sides for placement between two devices, such as motor and brake. Fits NEMA 182TC - 256TC frame sizes.  Bores from 0.625" through 43 mm. Resolution up to 4096 CPR.

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