Quality Management System Shines at EPC's European Division

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Encoder Products Company is proud to announce that the Quality Management System at British Encoder Products Ltd., (BECO) our European Division located in Wrexham, UK, is in compliance with the ISO 9001:2008 Standard.  In February 2012, following an audit by QAS International, BECO received a Registration Certificate acknowledging the company's adherence to the Standard.

British Encoder Products Co. manufacturers of rotary encoders

EPC's Americas Division extends our heartiest congratulations to General Manager, Stephen Evans, and all of the BECO crew for their sustained efforts and longstanding dedication to producing the highest quality encoders available.

With compliance to the newest ISO 9001 standard, BECO has demonstrated the ability to consistently provide products that meet customer requirements while also addressing customer satisfaction.

One of EPC's three global divisions, BECO has been in operation since 1999 and currently manufactures incremental and absolute rotary encoders and accessories for sale throughout the United Kingdom, all other European states, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, and other Pacific Rim countries.

British Encoder Products Co Model 7RP

While the Americas Division and BECO share many common encoder models, BECO's product line has been tailored to meet the particular requirements of its regional customer base. BECO's strong in-house manufacturing capabilities make this possible.  By providing metric shaft sizes, metric housings and mounting patterns, electrical circuits and connector pinouts that are commonly applied in Europe and Pac-Rim markets, BECO satisfies the encoder needs of a broad range of OEMs and Industrial End-users.

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