Introducing the NEW Size 25 PROGRAMMABLE Shaft Encoder

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The Most Versatile Size 25 Shaft Encoder You'll Find


The NEW Model 25SP Accu-CoderPro is the Size 25 incremental shaft encoder that goes anywhere. The Model 25SP  
comes standard with:

  • An industrial housing
  • Dual bearings rated 80lbs axial or radial, so it can handle heavy-duty applications
  • Up to IP67 sealing, to keep it working in challenging environments
  • Same day shipping on select configurations
  • Programmable configuration

Programmable CPR, Output Type, & Waveform

With the easy to use, point-and-click interface, programming is quick and straight-forward. The number of possible configurations makes this Size 25 programmable shaft encoder incredibly versatile:

  • CPR – any resolution from 1 to 65,536. That's 262,144 counts using 4x quadrature counting
  • Waveform – choose from 32 options
  • Output type – 6 different output types

The versatile Model 25SP is one encoder that can replace many different part numbers, saving you money on inventory and down-time replacement.

“What really sets the Model 25SP apart is the number of configuration options. With so many different connectors, waveforms, outputs, and CPRs to choose from, it’s the most versatile programmable Size 25 shaft encoder you’ll find,” explains Steve Dilts, Business Development Manager.  


The Model 25SP is the versatile, cost-effective solution for rotary feedback in many industrial and non-industrial applications, such as: conveyors, elevator controls, machine control, food processing, process control, robotics, material handling, textile machines, and many other motion control feedback applications. Anywhere a standard Size 25 shaft encoder fits, the Model 25SP will get the job done.

If you have questions about how this encoder will work in your specific application, contact us. When you call EPC, you speak to engineers and encoder experts who can answer all your questions.

Call today, and you could have your encoder solution in a matter of days.



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