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EPC'S NEW 3D Configurator is more than just a fun tool 

EPC is excited to announce our NEW online 3D Configurator. This new tool makes it even easier to configure EPC's products exactly how you need them for your application.

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The 3D Configurator interface is intuitive and works in any web browser for both desktop and mobile. It'll only take you a moment to learn your way around the program. Careful, though: it's so fun to play with, you may spend a whole afternoon on it!

To use the configurator, go the product page and click on CONFIGURE 3D MODEL below the product photo. You can create 3D models of any of these products:

We are working hard to make other products available for 3D configuration in future phases, so check with us if you don't see a product listed. 

Watch this video for an overview:


Download the files in almost any native format

The photo below shows the 3D interface. Once you've configured the product the way you need it, the configurator gives you a 3D image you can manipulate, download, and view from any angle. Then you can download the drawings in almost any native format. You can even get a configuration-specific product datasheet in PDF, so it's easy to share the information. 

"Compared to other configurators, this 3D tool is much more functional and user-friendly than others I've used in the past," says Bruno Wilson, EPC Mechanical Engineer. "Engineers are going to love this tool."

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the Configurator. Remember, when you call EPC, you speak to encoder experts who can answer all your questions.

screenshot of 3D configurator

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