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Wait… not that encoder!

There is nothing more frustrating than getting exactly what you ordered… and realizing it won’t work. When you’re ordering mechanical equipment, that can be an expensive mistake.

"When you're determining which encoder is right for your application, sometimes it's just about knowing which questions to ask. Are you measuring angle or speed? Then you need a rotary encoder. Do you need to measure distance? That requires a linear measurment solution. Are you mounting on a shaft? Then you need to determine if you need a thru-bore or a hollow bore," explains Wes Parrish, Encoder Product Company’s Technical Services Manager. "There are a lot of things to consider." And it can be overwhelming.

“It’s not uncommon for us to get a call from a very frustrated engineer or tech who spec’d out a rotary encoder from a competitor’s website, then realized when they triedencoder customer service to install it that the encoder was, maybe, too big for their space constraints. Or they got it running, and realized that the CPR was wrong, or any of a number of other technical snafus,” Wes says. “And that’s where we can help.”

For almost 50 years, Encoder Products Company (EPC) has worked closely with engineers and technicians to find the right encoder for their applications.  “While the customer has to keep in mind a million little pieces for their machine – whether they’re designing something new, upgrading, or doing routine maintenance – we can focus on the encoder, to help them find the right one,” Wes explains. “They know their machine; we know encoders.”

Recently, a customer ordered a highly-customized unit from EPC – but they ordered it with the wrong number of channels. They ordered Quadrature A & B, but they should have ordered it with Quadrature A & B with Index.

Not to worry. EPC’s highly skilled repair department replaced the cable, the PCB, and recalibrated the unit to the reference. All for 1/3 the price of what a new unit would have cost.

Don Denison, Repair Technician at EPC, explains:  “They shipped their encoder back to us, and with EPC’s Expedite Service, the unit was reworked and back in the mail to them the same day we received it.”

The customer had their new, reconfigured encoder up and working within days.

You don't have to do it all on your own. EPC's Tech Services department is here to help you. Because as Wes said, you know your application; we know encoders.

Call today. We'll have your encoder solution to you fast. EPC's standard lead time is just 4 - 6 business days, and we offer same-day expedite options on many models - even some of our new programmable encoders. Give us a call





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