EPC is Pitch Perfect with 100% On-Time Delivery of Encoders

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What do Cy Young, Sandy Koufax, Catfish Hunter and EPC have in common?

Those three Hall-of-Famers all hold the distinction of being among only 18 Major League pitchers who, since 1900, have thrown A Perfect Game. No hits, no runs, no errors for all 9 innings. Sounds simple, but it's a difficult feat to accomplish, with the league going for as long as 34 seasons in between its occurrence.

Wrigley Field, Source: Creative Commons

While EPC doesn't compete on the dusty diamond, every business day we engage in a contest against "The Unexpected": a supplier may short-ship a component, orders change at the last minute, shipping trucks arrive late. a component might not pass QC. These and many other challenges can conspire against us to keep an order from shipping on or before its due date. In spite of this, in any given month close to 99% of our encoders ship on time. Some of the delays can't be avoided, and for those that can, we try to learn from the mistakes and improve our processes.

As a manufacturer of a precision feedback device such as a rotary encoder, with an ISO9001:2008 certified Quality System, we strive for perfection in Quality, Service and Delivery. And, like those Hall of Fame pitchers, we can indeed defy all the odds and have our version of a "Perfect Game"

In March 2012 we did just that! 

During what was a near record month in terms of sales volume, EPC achieved 100% on time shipment for every single unit on order. Each encoder was configured to the customer's wishes, built to exacting EPC specifications, tested to rigorous standards and shipped within our Standard 4-6 business day lead time (with numerous Next Day Expedites along the way, too).  Throughout the month, this effort was repeated thousands and thousands of times without any delays to our customers.

It was a team accomplishment: receiving, order entry, production, shipping and others all had a hand in the effort.  Last month's performance is even more noteworthy in light of the fact that both our production volume and our variety of products have grown substantially since our most recent Perfect Game in 1998.

We're proud of this milestone achievement here at EPC, and we want to give due recognition to the team members that made it possible. At the same time, we also want our customers to know that it's our commitment to your satisfaction that motivates us to strive toward perfection.

Thanks for allowing us to take a quick Victory Lap around the infield.

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