How We Cross-Referenced and Replaced an Encoder - in 24 hours

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You may already know about our cross-reference service, where our Technical Services department can quickly cross-reference encoders from more than 30 other encoder manufacturers and find the EPC encoder that your customer needs. 

25T on packaging machinery

What you may not know is that we can often ship out a replacement encoder the same day.

Last week, we got a call from a California packaging-machinery manufacturer who had used our cross-reference service before. They'd had us replace an encoder in the past, simply because we were responsive, and the price was right.

This time, they were really in a bind. They'd had a failure on an HS25 encoder, and they needed a replacement FAST.

When the company's engineers called, they spoke to Technical Sales Manager Sarah Walter, M.S. Electrical Engineering. "Replacing the failed encoder through the original manufacturer was going to take weeks. Meanwhile, their machine wasn't running. There was no way they could afford that much downtime," Sarah explains.

Fortunately, EPC's Model 25T/H thru- or hollow-bore encoder replaces most HS20 - HS35 hollow bore encoders, and offers an array of configurations and options. 

"Their application had some very specific requirements," Sarah adds. "Reverse Quarature A&B with index, Line Driver, and an IP66 seal – all of which are standard options on the Model 25T/H. Also, we were able to offer them an 8-pin M12 connector,  which hadn't been available on their original HS25, and the mating connector and cable, as well." (See below for a 3D model of this configuration of the Model 25T.)

3d gif of 25T

The customers were thrilled – and even more so when they asked Sarah this question: "Can you ship that out today?" Because Sarah's answer was, "Of course we can."

We overnighted the replacement Model 25T/H, and the customer received it the next day. They were up and running again within 24 hours.

This isn't an isolated incident, either. With our same day build/ship expedite service, EPC's Cross-Reference service has come to the rescue of many companies who've had an encoder fail!

If you need a encoder replaced fast, see our Cross-Reference page, or call us directly at
1-800-366-5412. We're here to help!

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