Apr 01, 2013

The Encoder Products Company Spin on T-Shirt Slogans

Category: Company News

Despite the abundance of T-Shirts in this world, we have yet to find any that give proper homage to our favorite subject: rotary encoders.  So, for your warm-weather wardrobe consideration, I offer the Spring 2013 Encoder T-shirt Ensemble, ....

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Mar 29, 2013

Encoder Product Company In DesignWorld Online Webinar

Category: Encoder Basics, Company News, Rotary Encoder, Tech Tips

Encoder Products Company (EPC) will be a featured presenter for an upcoming webinar sponsored by Design World magazine, "Specifying the Perfect Encoder: How to Avoid the Most Common Encoder Errors".  As the title implies, this ....

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Feb 28, 2013

Encoder Products Co Expedite and Landel Controls Get Production Going

Category: Company News, Incremental Encoder, Rotary Encoder, The EPC Edge

The phrase "Machine Down" is our version of a 911 call.  It elevates the urgency and priority of our response.  Recently Landel Controls and Encoder Products Company teamed up to expedite the replacement of&nb ....

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Jan 08, 2013

New Multiturn Absolute Shaft Encoder: The Model MA63S

Category: Absolute Encoder, Company News, New Products, Rotary Encoder

Metallurgists can expertly mix two metals to produce an alloy that accents the strengths of both components. Likewise, EPC's "encoder-ologists" have combined our rugged Size 25 Industrial Shaft Encoder Housing ....

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Nov 27, 2012

This EPC Cube Encoder Works Through Seven Presidents

Category: Company News, Incremental Encoder, Rotary Encoder, The EPC Edge

At Encoder Products Company we routinely, we learn of Accu-Coder™ rotary encoders that have been in use for 10, 15 or or even 20 years.  However, a customer recently requested that we evaluate a Model 711 Cube encoder& ....

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Nov 19, 2012

New Encoder 101 Video: TR1 TruTrac Linear Measurement Solution

Category: Company News, Incremental Encoder, Rotary Encoder

Encoder Products Company (EPC) recently launched a new YouTube channel called EncoderProducts.  We're building a library of encoder videos that will feature product highlights, application examples, and more.   ....

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Oct 24, 2012

An IP67 Rotary Encoder for Severe Conditions: EPC's Model 725I

Category: Company News, New Products

They work without notice in hot, dusty, dirty, damp, noisy, cramped spaces amidst constant shock, vibration and noise.  Often, they're performing precise, demanding mission-critical duty 24/7 for months and even years on end. ....

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Oct 05, 2012

It's Manufacturing Day: EPC Honors The Movers and Makers

Category: Company News, Rotary Encoder

If your company actually makes stuff, join Encoder Products Company in a collective virtual high-five because today, October 5th, 2012 is Manufacturing Day!  It's a nationwide event sponsored by ....

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Sep 24, 2012

7 Reasons Encoder Products Company is a "Must-See" at Pack Expo

Category: Company News, New Products, Rotary Encoder

Once again Encoder Products Company (EPC) will be at the packaging industry's biggest trade event: Pack Expo Chicago, October 28th through 31st.  More than 46,000 attendees will explore the 1800-plus exhibits to see the ....

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