About Us

About Us


Encoder Products Company (EPC) is a leading designer and world-wide manufacturer of motion sensing devices. EPC began operations in 1969, producing a line of custom encoders (the original Cube series) from a small, home-based shop.  Today, EPC is the largest privately-held encoder manufacturer in North America, producing the most complete line of incremental and absolute rotary encoders in the industry. Meeting the diverse needs of a wide range of global customers,   EPC’s core philosophy is that each and every customer deserves quality products, superior customer service, and expert support.  Adherence to these principals has enabled EPC to achieve its goal of maintaining long-lasting customer relationships.


As inventors of the original Cube encoder, EPC is also responsible for many “firsts” in the encoder industry – the first to use Opto-ASIC technology, the first to use a flexible mount for hollow shaft encoders, and the first to produce an encoder designed to withstand the demands of high-temperature motor applications, to mention just a few.  These innovations have not only been widely imitated, many are now industry standards.  The Cube series was just the beginning, however.  EPC’s product line today includes a full array of mechanical package styles and electrical formats to address the multiple challenges of today’s varied applications.

Manufacturing Facilities

In our corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility in Idaho, our Accu-Coders™ are designed by our own engineers, assembled by skilled workers, and tested to our exacting standards by experienced Quality Assurance personnel. All right here in the USA.

Throughout EPC’s history, we have been proud to say our products are "Made in the USA." Unfortunately, labeling laws have changed. Now, if there are components of a product that are entirely or substantially manufactured outside the US – even proprietary components designed by our own engineers – we cannot legally mark that product as "Made in the USA."

EPC continually strives to source as much as we can from fellow US manufacturers. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible. To provide you the highest quality and best-performing products possible, it’s sometimes necessary to source components abroad. 

When Encoder Products Company was founded in 1969, it started in the garage of Bill Watt’s suburban US home. As the company grew, Bill remained committed to keeping our manufacturing in the USA, as he does to this day. So while we no longer label our Accu-Coders™ “MADE IN THE USA,” we can tell you we will continue to be a company that proudly keeps this manufacturing facility right here in the US.

Additional Information

For government and defense buyers, we are registered as "Encoder Products Company" on www.sam.gov.

If you need an ECCN classification for our products, all of our incremental rotary encoders are classified as EAR99. For any other products or accessories, please contact us.